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Sandra Young

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Sandra has cerebral palsy since birth. For years now she has also had myasthenia gravis, a very debilitating condition, and epilepsy. She is 51 years old and is confined to a wheelchair and/or a scooter. She has no relatives that are willing/capable of helping. Her parents are both deceased. As her Dad’s health and eyesight begin to decline 5 or 6 years ago, the roof of their home had deteriorated to the point that leaks caused part of the ceiling to collapse. After her Dad died she was able to get some kind of help to get the roof replaced, That was in 2016, I believe. Then in the spring of 2017, the Mesquite area was hit with a severe hail storm. The roof was damaged and begin leaking again. more of the ceiling has fallen. She did get a very small inheritance and spent most of that doing some remodeling to make the house more compatible with her disabilities, but has no resources to repair the newest issues. Her M/G often prevents her from being able to speak or move readily. I have helped a lot as a friend, but my age prevents me from being able to do the work. Her only income is from Social Security Disability.

Condition of the Home:

I have looked at the roof and it shows severe bruising from the hail and 2 of the leaks seem to be in 2 of the valleys. There are at least 2 others. The decking seems ok. The house also has some drain/sewer issues. the greatest need is the roof and of course repair where the ceiling has fallen into the house. I am submitting photos of the valley areas, bruising, and 2 areas of the ceiling that are damaged

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