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Patty Johnson

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Patty Johnson is a 68-year-old precious handicapped woman who suffers with multiple sclerosis. Patty is entirely dependent upon her aide(s) to transfer her from her bed to her chair twice daily. Patty has no use whatsoever with her legs and/or feet. The use of her hands has begun to deteriorate, which makes holding a piece of paper difficult.
Patty’s home is in severe need of repairs all over the house. The tile floor in her home is cracking in several places, which causes her chair to “get stuck” while trying to maneuver around in her home. Her home is currently not in a state to allow her to move about freely without the worry of harm to herself. Her bathroom serves as her “kitchen” as she can scoot up to the vanity in her chair and wash her dishes. The true kitchen is in need of several repairs – sink, disposal, oven, et cetera. She cannot function as a disabled woman in her kitchen at present. The ramp to her backyard is falling apart. She is known to get stuck in the backyard when her chair wheel(s) falls into a hole.

Patty’s home is open to people who society doesn’t wish to “see and/or deal with.” Patty currently has three other people living in her home, none of whom function at a level of maintaining normal employment and/or the ability/capability to do the repairs around her home. She would love to “add on” to her house. If she had more space, she would allow others to live in her home as well. Patty’s (and her tenants’) financial livelihood is from SSDI – the “D” stands for disability. The amount of monthly income is incredibly limited and on poverty level.

Patty is an amazing woman who praises God daily and has accepted her disabilities with the most beautiful attitude. Patty is so grateful and positive. Patty holds Bible study in her home weekly. Patty is totally dependent upon MITS transportation to be able to leave her home.

Condition of the Home:

The home is in severe need of repairs. Tile floor cracked in several places and there is no tile in some places. The kitchen sink disposal is missing, which creates a hole and water running under the sink. Walls damaged throughout home and in need of repair. Patty’s bathroom (which serves as her kitchen) needs to be re-vamped to accommodate her disabilities without losing her storage. The wooden ramp leading to the backyard is rotting and in need of repair. I do not know the current status of her roof, as I have not been on the roof.

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