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Jackie Breedlove

Reason for Nomination:

I am pleased to nominate Jackie Breedlove for the home repairs needed at her residence. Jackie is truly a light for God. She projects a warm, cheerful attitude to everyone she meets. Jackie goes out of her way to help people in need whether its family or community. Jackie would never ask for any help, she feels completely blessed with what she has been given. Unfortunately, Jackie is 70 years of age and has several health issues she is battling. Jackie’s home is still livable, however her home is in disrepair simply bc she cant find a financial solution. The repairs overtime have remained untouched and the problems continue to get worse. Jackie loves people with Gods heart (open to anyone), she still works hard (when possible) and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. Jackie is easily the most compassionate person I know, the kind of person who goes out of her way to help the less fortunate everyday. Through my personal experience with Jackie, she offered me a place to live and family support while battling a divorce. This is how I discovered the much needed repairs of her home. Jackie has taken care of her entire family in this home including brother, mother, father, children (not birthed), grandchildren and others. Jackie has always treated everyone as her own and loved on them without question. Jackie struggles to survive on SSI each month and has a very limited income (not to mention her heath and age). Please accept my nomination for Jackie Breedlove. I cant think of any one more deserving of this repair than Jackie 🙂

Condition of the Home:

Build 1978, home is in desperate need of several repairs. The main concern is the bathroom area. It appears there was a leak of some kind in the bathroom area and this has caused a lot of damages in the walls and etc… The house has 2 bathrooms, however the main bathroom is not being used due to the repairs needed. The master bathroom (entire family uses) is not in good working condition due to them being connected somehow and they are both affected. The sockets are of concern as well, most of them are not functioning throughout the house (living rm, most walls, back porch (for safety). Of course the bathroom is priority, however if we could provider her home with a couple of working sockets she would be so happy.

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